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About us

Department head: Prof. Evžen Růžička, M.D., D.Sc.
Deputy heads (for education): Prof. Karel Šonka, M.D., D.Sc.
Prof. Eva Havrdová, M.D, PhD. (for science and research)
Head physician: Petr Mečiř, M.D.
Secretariat: Irena Růžičková, MSc.
Marek Nykl (study affairs)
Magda Plosová (research projects, grants)
Hana Stárková (health care)
Nursing officer: Jaroslava Herinková

  The Department of Neurology, Charles University 1st Medical Faculty and General Teaching Hospital (VFN), came into existence on historical hospital foundations as the first clinical department of this branch of medicine in Czechoslovakia. It is a compact clinical department combining in a single whole outpatient and inpatient wards of adult and paediatric neurology with a diagnostic complement of neurophysiological and neuroradiological laboratories.

Centers and clinics:

Therapeutic and preventive care

  In terms of treatment and prevention the Department of Neurology provides the services of primary general neurological care within the scope of its catchment area (including consulting activities for all VFN inpatient facilities) as well as those of superconsultancy all over the Czech Republic. Thanks to its intensive care unit, treatment can be provided also to patients suffering from acute neurological conditions. By now, the Department has reached the level of the centers of nation-wide importance in the fields of movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and disorders of sleep and wakefulness. Also under scrutiny are developmental neurology and children´s neurodegenerative affections, neuromuscular diseases, epileptology of childhood and adulthood, and headache. As regards diagnostic methods, superconsulting use is made of, in particular, imaging techniques (MRI - sited on the Department´s premises) , neurophysiological laboratory (EEG, EMG, all modalities of evoked potentials, polysomnography and outpatient sleep test techniques.

Pregraduate teaching and postgraduate training

  The Department of Neurology takes care of teaching neurology in the 4th year in the field of general medicine and stomatology. In the 6th year, futher training to the medical students is provided withn the scope of Clinical neurology and psychiatry. Much the same applies to neurology taught in English to foreign students. The curricula comprise special internships in neurophysiology and imaging methods. Special teachers´ training is provided as part and parcel of studies for a master´s degree, and training in ergotherapy, health education and nursing for those working for a bachelor´s degree. The Department of Neurology devotes systematic care to scientific postgraduate students´ training in neurosciences. Members of its staff help to run a number of postgraduate courses during work for higher qualification in neurology as well as during continual postgraduate training.

Annual reports

Annual report for the year 2008 (PDF format)
Annual report for the year 2007 (PDF format)
Annual report for the year 2006 (PDF format)

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