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(winter semester 2015/2016)

Training contents:
Neurological examination - practical training, individual patient handling.
Auxiliary examination methods in neurology - principles, indications and basic results.
General neurology - basic neurological symptoms and syndromes, topical diagnosis.
Special neurology - clinical entities, diagnosis and differential diagnosis.
Acute states and acute care in neurology.
Essentials of medicamentous and rehabilitation therapy in individual neurological diseases. Indications for surgical treatment.

Organisation of training:
A four-week block of training consists of seminars (daily from 8:00 to 9:30 in the department auditorium) and training practicals at wards (dailyfrom 9:45 to 12:15or 12:30 to 15:00 as scheduled in group allocation). Attendance at seminars and practicals is¨monitored, and decisions on excuse of at most 2 days of absence are within the trainingassistant´s authority. Any absence of longer duration will have to made up for on agreement with the head of training - provided the continuity of general (week 1) and special neurology (weeks 2-4 of theblock) has to remain preserved. The training includes concurrent examinations by the training assistant. On the last day of the block, the students can take an examination. This particular term is reserved solely for students of the currently ending block who have earned the credit. Further terms will not be announced until the period of examination at the end of the semester. All students must have their own neurological hammer, also for the exam. One part of the examination is also practical demostration of the neurological clinical investigation.

Suitable percussion hammers:

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